How To Turn Mistakes Into Success

turn mistakes into success

Is there really a perfect person in this world? No, at least not on this planet we call Earth. Let’s face the hard facts, we all have made mistakes in our lives. Mistakes that range from the girl you passed up in 4th grade that became the VP of Merrill Lynch 15 years later, the cable TV you stole when you were in high school, or the neighbor’s tire you slashed because they took your parking spot. There is absolutely nothing shameful about it unless we do not learn from them.

No doubt, some mistakes that we make can be very painful and difficult experiences. We live and grow up in a society that looks down upon making mistakes. Heck, each time you answer a question wrong on a test in school, the closer to the F grade you get. It’s time to break away from that view of society. The beauty of life is how we respond to these mistakes as an individual that determines our individual growth for the future. This article is about four ways on how to respond to your mistakes and turn yourself around to achieve success?

First of all, like I explained in my introduction of this site, the most important lesson in responding to mistakes is that you have to take 100% responsibility for your actions. You have to admit that you made the mistake and stop pointing fingers or blaming others for your mistakes. You have to be held accountable for making your mistakes. Once you get that sense of responsibility, it will enable you to grow better through these experiences. Without this, you will never ever grow!

Second, after a mistake is made, go through the learning process and think about how you can grow from these experiences. You should focus on the valuable lessons that you can learn from making the mistake. There is no doubt that it is a difficult and challenging period soon after a mistake is made. In these kinds of times, you should focus on the the best solution possible and stay positive knowing that you will get through this and grow well as a person.

Third, after making a mistake, the chance of being criticized and embarrassed by others is very high. This is a typical and normal human response. Some common statements that you usually hear are “I told you so!” or “What were you thinking?” It definitely isn’t a pleasant experience getting yelled at. Nevertheless, did you know that this is a great opportunity for you to grow? There isn’t a sweeter feeling than growing better in the face of your critics.

If you look back in the history of society, the most successful people overcame criticisms to become successful. Once they overcame these mistakes and challenges, their success was a sweeter and more meaningful experience for them. So how do you overcome your mistakes while facing your critics? Just listen to yourself instead of letting the criticisms affect you negatively. Focus on rising to the challenge and tell yourself that your response will ultimately play a big part in making you grow into a better person.

Finally, as an individual responding to mistakes and developing growth to success, you should have that desire to continually learn and grow. The moment we stop learning is the moment we stop growing into a better person. Just remember that every mistake that we make is a chance for us to grow more successful. So, in conclusion, making mistakes is a part of life. It is a critical process in developing ones personal growth. As long as you respond in a positive way and learn from the mistakes, you will be well on your way to being successful.

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