The 4 Big Questions About Positive Affirmation

Everybody dream of something either a material possession or a desired situation. Generally to achieve your dreams, you set your plans, think of best strategies and anticipate road blocks. Upon anticipating the hardship that you may encounter along the way, your problem begins. The road block really became a hindrance for you to move forward. You started to doubts your capabilities and worst you already see yourselves failing.


Are you one of those who think this way? If yes, for sure you already face so many failures in life. It is expected because you yourself already think of it that way. You let your negative thought ruin your chance of success. The dilemma is not because you cannot make it but because you cannot see yourself make it.

Successful business people often mention positive affirmation. They consider it as the main ingredients of their recipe to success.

Their declaration of success even before they became one is part of their daily lives. They constantly reminding themselves of the things they want to achieve. By doing that, it makes their goals more visually clear and it opens their minds to more opportunities of fulfilling it.


Think of your most desired dream, a house, a car or a luxurious retirement. Let’s say you choose the last one and you are just thirty years old, working as a junior employee. Given you already planed of retiring at the age of sixty, you still have another thirty years to achieve your extravagant lifestyle. If every day you picture yourself travelling abroad, owning a luxury car and sheltered in a grand mansion, what do you think will be the effect of this to your present life?

No doubt, you will work hard, manage your finances wisely and invest your earnings on safe but profitable investments. And if you ever face some problems while you travel your journey to retirement, it will no longer matter to you that much. You will see even the worst situation as an opportunity for you to learn something new. The power of positive thinking will sustain you till the end of your journey.


Now, you can start changing your life by totally changing your line of thinking. It is not a one day thing especially if you are pessimistic. For starters, look at yourself in the mirror every morning before you even brush your teeth. Instead of noticing how unruly your hair is, try to find the things you like about your face. Focus on your stand-out feature and tell yourself how beautiful you are.

This is a very good exercise because not only you appreciate yourself, it also boost your confidence to face the world. Imagine, you already see yourself beautiful even before your morning routine. What more if you already fixed your hair and cleaned up your face.


Because you are worth it, you are capable of achieving your dreams and you deserve to be happy. No matter how small or big your dreams are, you can fulfill it if you start packing your language of negative thoughts. You book it for a one way ticket to the farthest part of the world and say goodbye to it for good.

In life, the law of attraction is not applicable. The negative thoughts will not attract positive things. So you need to shop for a new wardrobe of positive affirmations and consider positive thinking as your undergarments. For sure you will not leave your house without wearing it, right?

By persistently seeing yourself in your dreamed situation, your mind will think of it as your reality and it will materialize. You need to make a choice, either you’d stay to be a failure or start changing your last name into success. Positive affirmation only work to people who made the right choices.