Master The Art Of Small Talk With These 3 Tips

Are you looking for that advantage that will make a big difference in your career? Are you tired of constantly being nervous around people when trying to make small talk? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article will reveal 3 impactful ways to multiply your influence with anyone and in any setting. Those 3 ways are keep open, build conversation and be prepared.

1 – The first impactful way to use small talk is to ask open ended questions. This allows the person you are talking with to give you a complete answer. Open ended questions help your small talk skills by avoiding yes and no answers that lead to akward silences. The best questions for you to start with begin with what or how. Once you get a hang of asking open ended questions, the next step is to build on the conversation.

2 – The second impactful way to use small talk is the build the conversation. The important skill to use in this step is to listen intently and occasionally nodding or responding with mmm-hmm. By listening carefully, you can come up with questions to ask about someone’s activities or interests. A good line to use to extend the conversation is by saying “tell me more” or asking “what do you mean?” When you understand how to build the conversation, the next step is to be prepared.

3 – The final impactful way to use small talk is to be prepared. This works especially well when you know that you will be attending a conference or networking event. What you need to do is gather 5 to 10 open ended questions that you can use during the event. These questions use who, what, when, where and how. Avoid yes or no close ended questions and questions that start with why. By being prepared you’ll be able to choose from a question bank that can be used in any situation and with different people.

Small talk is used for connecting with other people. Just remember the 3 impactful ways to make waves using small talk. They are keep open, build the conversation and be prepared. The better you get at it, the larger your social network will become. Practice small talk everyday, whenever you can. Once you master small talk, you will see abundant opportunities open up for you.

Challenge: Use these 3 techniques to practice small talk on 5 random strangers per day for 1 week. Report back your results in the comments section below.