How To Be Less “Sirius”

how to be less serious

Ok, I’m not talking about Sirius, the satellite radio company. I just came up with that title to get your attention. I’m talking about people being serious in general. For some reason, this world has gotten incredibly serious. People have become irritable, uptight and bothered so easily. We get offended easily at the slightest of comments. We walk around with these mean looks on our faces and worry about almost everything. It has come to a point where it seems like everything is being taken too seriously such as yourself, other people, mistakes and annoyances

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be serious period because there are times in your life where you need to be. There are two kinds of serious. The difference between them is that we are being too serious the majority of the time instead of being serious at certain moments when the time arises. If you are too serious for the bulk of the time, then you will miss out on all the joy life has to offer.

There are many people that now look back on their lives and wonder why they made a big deal out of certain events. They realize that the majority of the concerns that they were upset and irritated about really weren’t a big deal after all. The people that reflected back on their lives realized that the most important aspects in life were the things they took for granted. What you will never find are people that reflect back in their lives and say that they should have been more serious.

I believe that we have the ability to learn how to become less uptight. After all, at some point in time, we all learned how to be too serious. What sort of techniques can you use to relax yourself and become less serious?

First try to develop a great sense of humor. Everyone loves to laugh and it is naturally therapeutic. Having a sense of humor will help us realize that we are not perfect people and that we are all really individuals that are doing the best that we can, flaws and all. It will allow us to make room for life’s imperfections. Simply look at the positive side of your dreadful experience and turn it into an inside joke.

Then you can try the index card technique. On your index card, write down the letter “S” very large and in bright red. Carry this card around with you everywhere you go (you don’t have to go to extremes like taking it to the shower). Place it in an area that is directly in front of you. For example, when you reach your office at work, place the card near your computer monitor where it can be seen everyday. Everytime you see the card, remind yourself of your goal to take things less seriously. Do this for about one month and you can start to see and feel a big difference in your life.