Goal Achievement Action Guide Step Seven: Evaluate Your Progress

You might think that evaluation is pointless because you’ll either see results or you won’t. Not

necessarily! Remember that goal achievement is a process and nothing is carved in stone.

Sometimes you’ll notice small results, but not as much as you’d like so you need to tweak your

plans slightly to adjust the outcome. Or you’ll figure out that changing your approach on one

simple thing will explode your results like crazy!

Evaluation is a worthwhile activity because it can help keep you honest about your efforts, it can

reveal holes in your plans and it can inspire you to keep going when you notice even moderate

results happening.

There are two types of evaluation you should do periodically. The first involves frequent

evaluation of your daily actions.

Every one to two weeks, take a few moments to answer these questions:

?? Are you sticking to your original plans?

?? Could you improve upon your actions in any way?

?? Have you had to move to Plan B at any time?

?? If so, how did that work out for you?

?? Can you see room for improvement in your original plans?

?? Have you made any modifications?

?? If so, are they working better for you?

?? Have your results met your expectations so far?

?? If not, why not?

?? What can you do to improve your results?


The other type of evaluation can be done monthly or even quarterly; and it should focus more on

your long-term progress rather than your daily actions.

Answer these questions:

?? Are your plans moving you in the right direction?

?? Is your ultimate goal still the same, or are you considering a change in direction?

?? Can you think of any ways to improve upon your original plans?

?? What are you learning about yourself through this process?

?? Have you developed a stronger appreciation of any aspect of yourself?

?? Which of your qualities and habits still need improvement?

?? How can you begin to expand your potential and stretch your limits?

?? Are you beginning to think of even larger goals you can achieve now?