Goal Achievement Action Guide Step Eight: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Do you see now that every goal has a clearly defined route leading to its realization? Do you see

how with a fair amount of planning and foresight, you can easily achieve any objective?

No matter what goals you set now or in the future, you have an easy-to-duplicate formula that

will help you achieve them. Let’s recap the steps:

?? Specify the goal.

?? Break it down into smaller parts.

?? Set clear action steps.

?? Set a general timeline for completion.

?? Form a “Plan B” for each action step.

?? Train your mind to commit, take action, and let go.

?? Evaluate your progress frequently.

?? Repeat, repeat, repeat.


Once you become comfortable with these steps, goal achievement will become a simple and

pleasant experience for you – no matter WHAT you want to attain.

You’ll know how to conquer your inner demons (like fear and confusion), face challenges

head-on, and move quickly and precisely to your chosen outcome.

Through the process of choosing your own outcomes and making it your mission to achieve

them, you will strengthen and empower yourself more than you would believe is possible.

You’ll realize that your quality of life is completely within your control, and you need only

follow a specific route to reach any destination you desire.

Then simply repeat the process to get to your next destination, and the next, and the next!

It’s as easy as lacing up your walking shoes and taking a stroll around the neighborhood. You

may encounter some hills and valleys, perhaps a bit of smog or an aggressive dog or two, but just

keep walking and you’ll get where you want to go.