Become A Happier Person In 21 days Or Less Using These 3 Steps


Have you ever wondered how to become a happier person? Have you always wondered how random strangers on the street always seem so happy? Wonder no more, as this article will provide you with 3 easy to follow steps to be happy just like the strangers on the street. Not only will you become a happier person, you can become one in 21 days or less. Those 3 easy to follow steps are push aside negative thoughts, laugh and volunteer.

1 – The first step to becoming a happier person is to push aside negative thoughts. Negative thoughts create an uncomfortable feeling that makes you unhappy and sad. One major problem that spreads negative thoughts is the news. You can start becoming a happier person by not watching the news anymore. This includes the morning and before bed. 99% of the news is negative anyway. Listening to the news in the morning when you are getting ready to go to work sets you off in a bad mood already. Start becoming happier by turning off the news.

2 – The second step to becoming a happier person is to laugh. The saying “Laughter is the best medicine” has never been more true. Laughter allows the release of chemicals in brain that make you feel better. These feel good chemicals make a difference between being happy and being sad. You can use this to your advantage. Watching funny videos on youtube and reading comics in the newspapers are some of the ways you can use to become a happier person. Just laugh at least once per day for the next 21 days and you will start seeing a change.

3 – The third and final step to becoming a happier person is to volunteer. Make a difference in someone’s life. Show someone that you care about them. What sorts of volunteer work should you choose? Well, choose a cause that is near and dear to your heart. You can be a basketball coach to kids, help build a home for the less fortunate, clean the beach or feed the homeless. When you finish volunteering your time, it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Knowing that you made in a difference in just one person’s life makes you a happier person.

Follow these 3 steps and in 21 days you will start becoming a happier person. You might just end up becoming the stranger on the street that you always see smiling. Again, those 3 steps you need to follow are push aside negative thoughts, laugh and volunteer.


Try these 3 steps for 21 consecutive days and see how they have helped you. Report your findings in the comments below.