6 Powerful Suggestions That Will Make You A Proud Quitter (Of Smoking)!

Smoking is the direct inhalation of a tobacco smoke. History shows that as early as 5000BC, people started to practice smoking as part of religious rituals. But now, it became a habit of one billion people worldwide, mostly cigarette smokers. Sadly almost half of long time smokers have been killed by smoking related diseases. It is a common knowledge and even smokers are aware of it. Are you one of those statistics?

There are some who thought smoking relieves their stress and it helps them to properly digest their food intake. But none of these are true. There are no health benefits in smoking. In contrary, it increases the risk of having heart and lungs disease, not to mention throat cancer, impotency, osteoporosis, glaucoma and other deadly diseases. Do you have the same type of reasoning?

Quitting is easier said than done. You may find it difficult to totally eliminate this habit for good. Usually the first step is the hardest but in this case the easiest part is the day you decide not to smoke. You may opt to decrease the number of your cigarette consumption day by day or you will abstain from it immediately. Regardless of your chosen method, you will not succeed unless you’ll have strong determination to fight the urge to light a cigarette.

To help you totally eliminate the addictive habit of smoking, here are the six things you need to do to boost your determination.

1.Instead of thinking cigarette, think of money, money and money! How much is the cost of the cigarette the first time you smoke? Can you estimate how much money you already spend since then? Hundreds? Thousands? If you don’t stop now, how much more are you willing to waste? Do you think your savings are enough to sustain the expenses of your future medical condition cause of your unstoppable smoking?

2.Enjoy your life not your cigarette. How long would it take for you to finish one cigarette? If you multiply it to the number of stick you consume in a day, how many minutes or hours do you spend in the company of a dangerous friend? Sum up all the time you smoke ever since you started, how many days, months or years are taken away from you? Do you wish you have spent those times with your love ones instead? And did you know that for every stick you consume, it shortens your life by fifteen minutes?


3.Improve your health not your food digestion. Now that you know it is only a myth that smoking improves food digestion, can you finally say goodbye to your useless buddy? When was the last time you visit your doctor and ask for a health assessment? Do you think you are healthier now after consuming more than a dozen of pack of cigarettes? Can you handle the consequences of the things you’ve done to your body?

4.Think of relieving not only your stress but also of those who surrounds you. What do you think others felt whenever they saw you smoke? Have you notice how tense and irritated they are every time they smell the smoke that comes out from your cigarette? Can you feel the concern of your love ones and how worry they are for your condition?

5.The bravest thing you could do is to be a quitter. Are you scared to be called a quitter? Do you think it will make you a lesser person if you stop smoking even in the company of those who smokes? Can you stand form with your decision and don’t let others tempt you to return to your old habit? Can you show to the world how brave you are by saying ‘NO’ for good?

6.Show the world you know how to care. Do you know that second hand smoke is more dangerous? Do you want your love ones to suffer the consequences of your wrong choice of habit? Aren’t you affected by the worsening problem of air pollution? Can you think of the harmful effects of your smoking to others and to the environment?

Choices we made in our life can make or break us. By reading this article, you already made a choice. You really wanted to have a smoke-free life. Now that you already made the first few steps of getting away, continue to step forward and never look back. Every time you crave for nicotine, continue to ponder on the questions listed above. Have the determination to control to your life for good and don’t let yourself be enslaved.