3 Surefire Approaches To Handle Bad Criticism

Criticism is part of your daily lives. You always hear people comment on your personal life, work or even on the way you carry yourselves. Whether it is bad or good, you cannot help but to be affected. Of course you take pride for your good work but when you fail to meet expectation, you should also prepare yourself to receive criticism.

How do you react if you heard bad criticism? Are you going to cry to get sympathy or you let your emotions cloud your mind and attack the person by talking back? The urge to defend your selves is understandable but to foolishly reciprocate the criticism is unacceptable. You are usually criticized by your relatives, bosses, colleagues and close friends and it’s like burning bridges if you tried to attack them back. You of course don’t want to ruin your relationship with them.

So, what do you need to do when you receive bad criticism?


Do you just ignore bad criticism and turn away? True, in some situations it is better to backed off and let it pass however it doesn’t apply on this one. It is not very wisely to turn your back and walk away, Why? Because you would miss the opportunity to hear others point of view.

Let them speak and don’t interrupt them when you think you heard enough. You need to pause and just let them finish. When they’re done and you feel you want to explode and defend yourself, stop! Breathe. Acknowledge their comment by saying thank you and politely ask them why they end up to that judgment.

In doing that you give dignity not only to yourself but also to the person you are talking to.


After all the negativity, find time to reflect on it. You can play it back on your mind, though you need not to focus on their bad remarks instead search for key points you may find helpful. For example, your boss may hurt your feelings when your presentation had been rejected. But because you listen to his remarks, you learned the reason why you failed to please him.

All the misdoings and unfortunate occurrence in our life cannot be undone. You just need to learn from it and you’ll become wiser. You can make the most of any bad situations and always look on the brighter side.

Let go… Let’s Go!

You don’t have to sulk in. You have to let go of the resentment you feel towards the person who hurt your feelings. It will do you no good if you continue feeling bad for yourself. Move forward and bring with you the things you’ve learned from that experience.

These steps are easier said than done. But if you practice it every time you receive bad criticism, you’ll find yourself better than the one who criticize you.