3 Actionable Steps You Can Take To Balance Life And Work So That You Can Fulfill Your Dreams


Distractions occur in our daily lives on a regular basis. There always seems to be so much to do and so little time to do them. This constant beating of your life causes you to be mentally and physically out of balance. This makes your own goals and dreams harder to achieve. If you want to create and maintain balance in your life, then this article will provide you with 3 actionable steps on how to achieve that. Specifically, they are be selfish, connect with others and create some motivation for yourself.

1 – The first actionable step is to be selfish. You need to create some “me” time. We end up sacrificing our “me” time just so we can get our “real” responsibilities out of the way. The less relaxing you do, the worse off you tend to feel. Start by attempting to take time for yourself. Even if it is for a few minutes. It will help you to recharge your own batteries. You can meditate, read a chapter of your favorite book or just sit outside and enjoy nature. Once you get this step down, it is time to move on the the next step.

2 – The second actionable step is to connect with others. Find groups in and around your area with the same interests to meet. Simply meeting like minded and positive people instantly increases the chances of you achieving balance in your life. These like minded folks will help you to be accountable for your own actions and make you keep your promises. This is similar to working out with a personal trainer. They hold you accountable by making you keep your appointments and your promise to work out with everything that you’ve got.

3 – The third and final actionable step is to create some motivation for yourself. Find out what activities and interests make your life better. What dreams and goals do you have that will make life more exciting for you? Try to figure out what is preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams. Once you find out what makes your happy, you need to go out and take action. Use positive imagery to keep the motivation going. Imagine how amazing it feels for you when you have fulfilled your big dreams and goals.

Now that you know the 3 steps on how to balance your life and work. Go out there and take action. You will find that these 3 steps will help you find balance between yourself, work, marriage, kids and your dreams. Just remember that those 3 steps to balance your life and work are be selfish, connect with others and create some motivation for yourself.


Try these 3 actionable steps for 21 days and see how much improvement in your life balance will be. Send us your inspirational life balance stories in the comment below.